Stats at a glance

  • Total Feed: ~125lb (edited)
  • Total Mortality: 3 / 17 (~17% not great)

As we come into the last week this run, I have been reflecting back on some decisions I made that I believe may have negatively impacted the growth rate, and overall health of this batch. The following are the things I will do differently moving forward:

  • 24/7 food This time around I didn’t take away the food at night when the chicks were in the brooder, I think that lead to some leg issues.
  • Brooder Plate I am going to try out using heat lamps moving forward, i think that the hicks that spent too much time under the brooder plate developed leg issues and are not growing as quickly.
  • Grit I need to be more consistent with it.

With another run in the brooder now I’ll be able to test these assumptions out.