Stats at a glance

  • Total Feed: 50lb
  • Total Mortality: 3 / 17 (~17% not great)

Week 5 should typically be pretty low key, with the birds just eating, drinking, and pooping, and their feathers starting to fill out the awkward spots. For me this week was a little rough. The birds get a little noisy at night, and I am having a hard time figuring out why; my guess is one of the following:

  • Temperature – it is relatively cold, with lows hitting ~30-36° f.
  • It’s dark – sometimes they get scared of the dark
  • Rodents – its really hard to keep the mice out, and I know there are rats and mice, because I see them around the compost, and hear them in the walls, and get them in traps.

I doubt that it is any other predator visiting in the night because I have a motion-activated camera on them and have not seen anything. In addition, we had another mortality bringing our mortality count to 3 / 17 (~17%), and as you can see in the pictures below we have one very spraddle legged chicken, currently, it is still able to move around, albeit awkward and slow, and eat and drink, so I have not culled it.

Moving into week 6 I am going to start giving grit, based on some advice I received from APPPA (American Pastured Poultry Producers Association), and I’m hoping to see feed consumption go up a bit, and start to see some good weight be put on, and their feathers fill out a bit.